Classical Music


Since I was about 12, I have been a lover of classical music. Here are pictures of 5 of my favorite composers. The one in the middle is my all-time favorite.

Can you identify all 5 ?

(OK – If you want to know, just move the mouse pointer over each picture )

I find new music over the Internet, using streaming capture software. The music is “harvested” , and then saved to the server called a vortexbox .

One of my very favorite pieces is Samuel Barber’s violin concerto. It is simply luscious. There has been some history behind this piece, especially the third movement being described as unplayable. Well, this is set straight in this article. It turns out the criticism was that this third movement did not fit musically or stylistically with the other 2 movements. I love the performance by Hilary Hahn, but the best so far is by Joshua Bell.

On Sunday mornings, I listen to “With Heart and Voice” on WMHT-FM out of Albany, NY.  A fabulous program of sacred choral and orchestral music.

I have recently rediscovered Jean Sebelius’ 5th symphony. The 3rd movement is breathtaking ! I was lucky to get a complete set of his symphonies via ebay for very little.



Long time since last post! Have discovered WCRB in Boston – wonderful playlists, and today happy to have listened to Andre Previn’s performance of Brahms’ #4 .. going to get the CD for sure.


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